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Welcome to Hamilton Kosher

At Hamilton Kosher, we serve Prime cuts of fresh Beef, Veal, Lamb and Poultry. Our staff will prepare your cuts specific to your needs. As well, we have a full line of Take Home Cuisine.

We also offer Catering Services for functions of up to 650 Guests. We can cater any event - Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Bris or Sheva Brachot, Shiva Meal or just a Family Get-Together. We pride ourselves in making your party or reception an event to enjoy and remember.

Meat is a delightful way to enrich any meal in both flavor and nutrients... ,but we are also able to accommodate non meat meal requests.

All products bearing the Hamilton Kosher label are certified Kosher by The Vaad Hakashrus of Hamilton, Rabbi Green. In addition, our Beef, Veal and Lamb Selections are all under the supervision of THE BEIS DIN OF CROWN HEIGHTS, Rabbi Ozdover.

All raw meat products are soaked, salted and ready to cook except raw liver which requires broiling. Please feel free to ask us if you have any further questions. We understand the need to provide the highest levels of both kashrus and cleanliness and are additionally certified by the City of Hamilton as an approved prepared food outlet.

Chicken Drumsticks $12.31/kg
Spring Chickens $9.17/kg
Boneless Dhicken Breast $23.22/kg
Boneless Chicken Thigh $23.11/kg
Chicken Legs (bone in) $10.24/kg
Chicken Breast $11.75/kg
Chicken Thigh (bone in) $12.06/kg
Chicken Wings $8.90/kg
Chicken Bones $4.81/kg
Ground Chicken $23.61/kg
Turkey Whole $9.42/kg